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Zonix™ Biofungicide

Fast, Safe & Effective Fungus Control

Zoosporic plant pathogens are responsible for at least two-thirds of all crop losses attributed to disease. Based on numbers by FAO this would amount to 48.5 billion dollars.

Currently, three zoosporic pathogenic genuses are considered to be the most destructive disease in agriculture:

  1. Phytophtera
  2. Pythium
  3. Downy Mildews: Sclerospora, Peronospora & Plasmopara

Zonix Is An OMRI Approved Contact Biofungicide

  • Effective Against Fungal Diseases

    Improve crop yields by controlling Phytophthora, Pythium, and Downy Mildews. Zonix provides immediate and effective control by physically destroying the zoospore’s membrane, causing the contents of the cells to burst and disolve.

  • 4-Hour Re-Entry

    Spray in the morning, and harvest the same afternoon. Zonix gives you the freedom to grow healthy plants without the long waits — which means you now have the advantage over disease.

  • EPA “Exemption” From Tolerance For Residue In Food

    Zonix was recognized in 2004 with the Presidential Green Chemistry Award, and is recognized by the EPA as a safe and environmentally responsible biofungicide.

Any crop facing the threat of fungal disease can benefit from Zonix!

Control Fungal Disease

Left untreated — even for one day — zoospores can begin to multiply and infect crops throughout a grower’s fields.

As the microscope-enhanced view (left) demonstrates, Phytophthora infestans (Oomycete is capable of rapidly spreading, reducing plant health and crop yield,

Zonix Gives You The Edge Over Disease

Rhamnolipids within Zonix literally burst zoospores through intercalation of the fungus membrane.

With a single foliar application of Zonix, zoospores dissolve in as little as 8 seconds, leaving no harmful toxic residues.

Only Zonix provides the exceptional results against fungal disease with low use rates and fast re-entry — all in an approved organic solution.

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