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High Energy Low Inputs

While Potassium is in tremendous supply within most soils, just a small fraction of 1 percent is plant-available. This means that for most crops, a frequent application of soluble, plant-available Potassium is required to maximize yield potential.

Proper Potassium nutrition is critical for plants for water movement, energy production and the activation of enzymes that promote overall plant strength and productivity.

The combination of ionic Potassium with Phosphorus in IQ PK provides the optimum solution for strong and high-yielding crops.

IQ PK — Superior Nutrients For Optimum Growth

  • Enhances Crop Yield

    Applied after plants have begun growing — post “starter” — the unique combination of Phosphorus and Potassium in IQ PK provides plants with the nutrition necessary for more consistent maturation and increased productivity.

  • Plant-Available Nutrients

    Only ionic, protected nutrients are truly plant-available, resisting soil tie-up. The complexing and chelation of IQ PK with Humic, Fulvic and Amino Acids assures high return with very low input rates.

  • Enhances Plant Strength & Growth

    Potassium nutrition aids in photosynthesis, root strength and increased protein production. IQ PK, applied as recommended, provides the right amount of Potassium, along with Phosphorus, to help plants reach their potential.

Simply Intelligent Growth

The Importance of Potassium Nutrition

Summarizing their research published in 2006, R. A. Leigh and, R. G. Wyn Jones stated, “In the cytoplasm, K has an important role in providing the correct ionic environment for metabolic process.”

Field results have demonstrated optimum results when Potassium is applied with greater frequency in lower amounts. Timing is important, as different soil conditions and different crops will dictate unique needs.

Applied as recommended, IQ PK provides superior plant- available Potassium, enhancing plant tugor, and assisting in regulating growth, while also increasing the plant’s ability to resist stress-inducing conditions.

As part of a well-planned crop management program, IQ PK will helps ensure maximum crop yield and quality.

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