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IQ Micro

Micro Nutrients, Maximum Impact

There are fourteen elements that are essential for plant growth, including Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, each of which the plant needs in larger quantities.

Some, however, are needed in small quantities, and are referred to as “micronutrients.” This does not diminish their importance, since Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper and Boron are critical for robust growth, color and ultimately, yield.

For growers, the right balance of micronutrients, provided in a reacted form for ready plant uptake is paramount. IQ Micro is the answer.

IQ Micro Provides The Perfect Blend Of Minerals

  • Enhances Overall Crop Yield

    Each micronutrient provides a particular, and important, benefit to plant productivity. For example, Manganese is needed for respiration and nitrogen metabolism, and Zinc plays a role in protein synthesis. Crop yield increases when the plant has ready availability of each of the five micronutrients in IQ Micro.

  • Enhances The Color & Quality Of Produce

    Formulated specifically for agricultural application, IQ Micro provides just the right mix of iron, Copper and Boron to positively affect both crop color and quality.

  • No Baggage — High Results

    Ionic minerals, chelated and complexed to resist soil tie- up, means IQ Micro gives you plant-available nutrients with low inputs, low waste … with high return on your investment.

Simply Intelligent Growth

Protecting The Nutrients

All micronutrient minerals carry an ionic charge that needs to be satisfied through complexing chelation to keep the nutrient from becoming tied-up in the soil. All
IQ products feature IQ-Carbon Technology preventing tie-up reactions in the soil.

Because amino acids are utilized in IQ Micro, you are assured that the nutrients are easily assimilated by the plants, in a form that enhances plant strength and growth. Many products claim “complexing” and “chelation,” but use synthetic materials to protect the nutrient. In these cases, the plant is forced to expend energy to expel the complexing agent.

IQ Micro is just what the plant needs, in just the way it needs it.

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